New clients coming to this list soon!

Oracle —Web Programming, Redevelopment of consumer Java download site, Consulting
• designed by Oracle

Recommind —Wordpress Programming, Site Migrations, Consulting, Emails, WordPress, etc.
• designed by Recommind

Chamber Music San Francisco —Web Programming, WordPress Customization, Consulting
• designed by D. Levinson

Bull Valley Roadhouse —Web Programming, Consulting
• designed by

SunSpec Alliance —Wordpress Programming, Site Migrations, Consulting, etc.
• designed by SunSpec Alliance

Bridgewater ADV —Wordpress Programming, Site Migrations, Consulting, etc.
• designed by Bigmouth

Breuer Consulting —Web Programming, Consulting
• designed by Stickbook Studios

The Burlington Hotel —Web Programming, Consulting
• designed by

Area-22 —Consulting, Web Programming
• designed by

JRA Fiji —Web Programming, Consulting, Flash Prototypes
• designed by

Minimal —Newsletter development, blog development, web programming, CMS, SEO, Consulting, POS, Email Campaigns
• designed by Gilda Meza

Phil Surkis —Wordpress Programming, Site Migrations, Consulting, Updates etc.
• designed by Area-22

Sail Couture —Wordpress Programming, Plugin Development
• designed by Kara Hugglestone

Vitkovsky Fine Art —Wordpress Programming, Consulting, Server Configuration, Ecommerce Setup
• designed by Dasha Ostrova

School Retool —Wordpress Programming, Site Migrations, Consulting, Updates etc.
• designed by IDEO

Serving Seconds —Wordpress Programming, Redesign
• designed by Melissa Zeidan

The Agoura Antique Mart —Wordpress Programming, Consulting, SEO, Maintenance
• designed by

Palazzo Wine —Web, Newsletter Development and Campaign
• designed by Cathlene Palazzo

Raut Llc. —Wordpress Programming, Consulting, Maintenance
• designed by Raut llc

Scott Hocker —Interactive Javascript splash page
• designed by George McCalman

Anika Anand —Consulting, WordPress migration, MySQL database transfer
• designed by Anika Anand

Wenda Pyman Photography —Web Programming, SEO Consulting
• designed by Wenda Pyman

Granite Ridge Llp —Web Programming, Consulting
• designed by —Wordpress Programming, Migration, Consulting
• designed by Liliana Miranda

Brookline Electric Co. —SEO Consulting, WordPress Programming, CMS, Email Campaigns
• designed by John Peters

Marlon Riggs —Web Programming, CMS
• designed by

Netfira Inc. —Code in-house email newsletter

Upcoming Projects

Bull Valley Roadhouse redesign and development, Development for, Training UI and Graphic Designers in WordPress, Agoura Antique Mart site upgrade, Clojure/Lisp Development, Music store ecommerce development for Picks4U, prototypes of new WordPress plugins in Beta, recruiting for big data related clients…

New semantic wiki web apps coming soon.

AU/VST Audio app development.

WordPress Templates and Plugins.

M-68 expansion into computer forensics and natural language processing…